Does your pooch need some Prozac?

Prozac for your pet dog
Nope, it’s not an April Fool’s day joke – check the date on the source article. Apparently, Eli Lilly aims to re-target their Prozac product for your dog to help it “deal” with being separated from you, his precious owner.

I guess that it was bound to happen. Psychologists would eventually run out of “problems” in humans and have to begin looking elsewhere to find diseases, disorders, and other maladies. Now, it’s Fido’s turn to get psychoanalyzed and prescribed.

The experts claim that “separation anxiety” affects 10-20 percent of dogs and causes them to chew on furniture, whiz on the carpet, and do other dog-type things while you’re gone. Yep, being a dog is now a disorder which demands a prescription drug solution.

Enter the Prozac type product for your dogs. Yeah, it’s not technically a “gizmo” but it’s a new product (or soon will be) so keep an eye out for this at your vet’s office. It’s never too soon to dope your doggie!


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