Handy handrail hanging planters

These interesting flower pots don’t balance precariously on your patio handrail — they use it for stability!

Live long and Spocker

Whether you’re a kitchen geek or just love Star Trek, you will want a set of these interesting oven mitts!

How much money do you waste in meetings?

This cool clock will help you track the massive amounts of time and money that you and your company waste in meetings.

Space Invaders are attacking from your ceiling!

Space Invaders lampshades for hanging lamps let you celebrate your retro interests while also being artistic and functional!

New look for Gizmo-Central!

I know posting has been a bit sparse lately, but I’m getting reinvigorated to work on the site a bit! Today, the first part of that fell into place. For quite a while, Gizmo-Central has been stuck on a pre-3.x release of WordPress because the them I chose years ago would not properly work with […]

Geek out with a replica Trek Old Series Tricorder

Move over, Spock! If you’ve ever wanted to pretend you’re on an episode of the old series of Star Trek, you’ll be super-excited about this replica tricorder. Read-on for more details…

Economy cardboard iPhone case

Has the economy hit you a bit hard recently so that you need to protect your iPhone while still maintaining your budget? This iPhone carrying case gives you the protection you desire at a wallet-friendly price!

Charge and sync a gigantic pile of iPhones and iPods at once

If you’re rich enough to own up to 20 iPods and/or iPhones, you can probably afford to hire a servant to charge and sync all of your devices, but in the off-chance you want to do it yourself, check-out this massive docking station!

Review of X-mini II and X-mini MAX II

I was recently sent a couple of the new series II X-mini portable speaker systems to review here on the site. The X-mini series claims to deliver “Sound beyond size” and even comes with a faux warning label stating “Warning – Unbelievably Loud”. So, do these tiny, inexpensive speakers live-up to those bold claims? Read-on […]

Radio control metal detecting car

Discover untold riches and treasure without leaving your beach chair with this radio controlled car with built-in metal detector.