Solar powered sculptures spin and whirl

A Solar Spinner small photo
Combining a dash of artistic flair, a motor, and a solar panel, these kinetic sculptures entertain and amaze without batteries or electrical connections.

Gone are the days of the sun catcher that just hangs in the window, doing nothing. Artist David Jost has created some interesting kinetic sun catchers that rely on the sun for their power. The Solar Spinner is an outdoor gizmo that you’d hang on the porch or anywhere you need a bit of flash. The Solar Wheel hangs on the inside of a window and slowly rotates a disc filled with different colored liquids, much like you’d find in a lava lamp or other late 60’s device 😉

Solar Spinner Solar Spinner

Jost is currently in the process of having the devices manufactured by Kikkerland and they should be available soon for around $25 each.


  1. These are very unique and beautiful. I would love to place these in my outdoor garden.

  2. Cool – haven’t seen one of those before, and we sell solar products in the UK! Maybe they just haven’t made their way over here yet. It’s good to see something different to the standard solar lamps that most people have.

  3. Cooool!! These things are awesome.