Photograph underwater with this dive mask

Diving mask with built-in digital camera
Whether you’re snorkeling or actually diving, you will probably see some amazing sights that you’d like to capture in a photograph. This dive mask gives you the easy way to do that!

In the past that meant bringing along a water-proof camera and having to hang onto it the entire time. Whether you were trying to handle an arrow crab or just swim with your hands, the bulky camera always got in the way.

That’s why some clever inventor came-up with a dive mask that has a built-in camera. The mask’s camera take either photos or videos and there are crosshairs printed on the mask lenses to help you aim for that perfect shot. There are 16MB of onboard memory for storing the images and videos, which isn’t much, but you can add your own SD cards for additional storage.

You can get the Underwater Camera in a Dive Mask for $100. It’s only water resistant to 30 feet, though, so don’t go getting too crazy if you’re scuba diving or you may end-up with less camera than you paid-for!


  1. Very nice dive mask

  2. The diving mask with a camera is a great idea but only 30 feet doesn’t give the diving fanatic a great deal, but this is excellent for diving in shallow coral reefs like alot of them in the Florida Keys.

  3. SWEET! This is brilliant. I just went diving in the caribbean (St Marteen) and I could have totally used these. I bought a water proof camera but left it up on the boat by mistake. If it was built into my mask it would not have been a problem (can’t scuba dive without a mask!). Anyways, I’ll definitely have to look for these in my local dive shop.