Personal Handheld Planetarium

The SkyScout personal planetarium

If you’ve ever stared into the night sky wondering and dream of all that’s out there, you probably also enjoy trips to the local planetarium where they point-out the constellations and various features in the sky. Now, you can take the planetarium with you in this cool hand-held gizmo!

The Celestron SkyScope is feature-packed gadget for the amateur sky gazer. It combines a low-power telescope, planet and constellation identifier, and field guide. Simply turn the SkyScope on and point it at something in the night sky. Next, press the identify button and the built-in computer will ID what you’re viewing and also provide other points of potential interest. There is a nice, large LCD built-into the side of the device which provide additional technical details in addition to the field-guide output.

All of that in a small, battery-powered, rugged hand-held device!

Be sure to get a Celestron SkyScope ($183) for your star-gazing outing, especially if you’re heading out away from the city lights where you can really see just how full the night sky is.


  1. Noe that is a pretty cool gadget if you are into that sort of thing!

  2. This would be something good for classrooms