Meade mySky makes stargazing easy and fun

Mead mySky Plus handheld starfinder
Amateur and hobbyist astronomers will love this cool gizmo which helps you locate stars, find constellations, and even controls your normal telescope for more detailed viewing.

There’s something intriguing about the night sky. You can gaze into the seemingly endless field of stars and planets and get lost imagining what possibilities lie light-years away in the universe. Well, that is unless you live in a large city whose light ruins the night sky, but let’s assume that’s not the case.

If you’ve ever stared into the night sky or perhaps taken an introductory astronomy class, you know that locating and identifying stars, planets, and constellations can be an iffy proposition. It becomes even harder when you’re staring down a telescope with a fairly narrow field of view.

Enter the Meade mySky Plus. It looks straight out of a Star Trek episode with its sleek handheld design and integrated color LCD screen. Using built-in maps of the sky, it will help you locate and identify any heavenly bodies and even has videos and textual information on the various “landmarks” (skymarks?) to help you learn and be entertained. And, if you have a Meade electronic telescope, the mySky will even direct the scope to point towards the object you’re inspecting so that you can get a more detailed view.

The Meade mySky Plus is $200 – telescope or starship not included.


  1. I have used this and i must say that it is cool as hell highly recommended and weLL worth the price if you are into astronomy.