LED dog collar lights the way for Fido

Keep your dog from tripping in the dark, or let him carry the light for you with this LED-lit dog collar.

With the shorter days of winter, you may find yourself walking your pooch in the dark whether you like it or not. You can carry a flashlight to light the way for your evening stroll, of course, but what fun is that?

Instead, grab this LED dog collar. When Fido is wearing this wonder of modern energy efficient lighting, he will light the way up to 200 feet in front and 70 feet side to side. That’s enough light to keep an eye on everything in front of you and the bright light helps drivers avoid the poor pooch should he wander into the street.

Get the LED dog collar for $40 and let the dog carry the flashlight for you!


  1. So are people so lazy that they can’t walk the dog and carry a flashlight at the same time? This seems like a very, very bad idea all the way around. I can see neighbors getting very upset when old Fido shines the light in their windows while peeing on their tree!