Get a little boom with your brewskies

This Coleman cooler has a built-in radio!
It’s a natural combination: a cooler for your snacks and beers + a radio to blast some tunes. Why has it taken this long?

Generally, if you ever use a Coleman cooler, you’re probably going to a party, picnic, or camp-out. That means you’re likely hauling lots of 12 ounce frosty friends in the cooler. It also probably means that wherever you’re going, you’re going to want some music to enjoy those beverages with.

Well, Coleman is thinking of you, party-goer!

They have a new full-sized insulated cooler that has an integrated AM/FM/weather radio built-in. Simply pop a few batteries into the radio, fill the cooler with beer and ice, and scoot off to your destination. Simple genius. There’s even short a review of the cooler at Crunchgear. Get the Coleman Radio Cooler for only $50 from Amazon, which is $20 less than the retail price mentioned in the review.