Fancy watch helps ensure you’ll be rescued

A wristwatch with built-in emergency beacon
If you’re an outdoor type person who has to have the latest technology and high fashion, this is the wrist-watch for you. Not only does it tell time with impeccable style, it contains a rescue beacon that search and rescue teams can use to locate you if you should end-up in an avalanche or some other perilous position.

The Breitling Emergency Watch contains a 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency radio beacon which allows a stranded wearer to be located in an emergency situation. When needed, the beacon is activated by removing a protective cover and pulling an antenna out. The beacon will run for up to 48 hours and has a 100 mile range, which is hopefully enough for rescuers to locate your position.

As for the sylish points of the watch, it is available in platinum, yellow gold, or white gold (what is white gold anyway – isn’t gold yellow?) It features a 360 degree waypoint ring with a couple of digital displays for date. Interestingly, the date is only programmed for 4 years, which makes me wonder how long they expect you to wear this expensive watch.

Oh, and about the “expensive” part. The gold Breitling Emergency Watch is over $20,000 and you can get a cheaper steel version for around $3,500. I’d hope that for $20K, they expect you to wear it longer than four years, but maybe the kind of people who spend that much on a watch don’t wear them very long. Hopefully you don’t get mugged for this thing, since the beacon won’t be doing you much good in that emergency situation!


  1. When you see gadgets like this it just makes you think why all major outdoor people (like rocki climbers etc) do not have this or something like it as it does seem a right life saver…great gadget.

  2. I agree completely, Daniel. Some kind of emergency beacon should be required for anyone doing any activity where they might become lost to the point of requiring a rescue team. It may have helped with the recent climbers in Washington (they had issues with improper clothing/etc. also) .