Classy portable picnic table is easy to transport

This folding picnic table is made from real wood
When you go on a picnic or other outing involving outdoor eating, you no longer have to sit on the ground or sit on the plastic coolers. Instead, dine with some class on a wooden folding table!

The summer is nearing its end and the time for camp-outs, picnics, and other outdoor parties will be coming to an end for many, but there’s still time to get a few more little trips in! So, instead of grabbing a plaid blanket to sit on, grab the Folding Wood Picnic Table and sit a bit more comfortably!

The table is made from aluminum and real wood and features four built-in seats in addition to a spacious table top. The table even has a hole for mounting an umbrella if you really want to live large. The beauty of this table is its ability to fold into a relatively small and easy-to-carry briefcase that weighs only 20 pounds! Just fold it up and chuck it in the back of the car along with the food and you’re ready to roll!

Get the Folding Wood Picnic Table for $120. There are cheaper versions of the same table design made of plastic, but this wood version is clearly the classiest.


  1. This is a great idea. I would like to get one for when I’m at the flying field.


  2. I had not thought of that, but yeah, it’d make a great little portable “workbench” as well!

  3. this looks great would be ideal to wip out in the summer no storage problems

  4. Fun and excitement is the name of the game when you go on picnics. Having such an economic crisis, everyone wants to save money for the things most likely needed. Picnics are one way to help you save a little bit of money while having fun.. Not to mention, that kids love to be outdoors all the time. It’s a perfect combination. Dont for get to bring your picnic baskets and have fun.


  1. […] Classy portable picnic table is easy to transport […]