Backyard home theater

Inflatable backyard movie screen
If you’re addicted to watching your TV, yet you still enjoy relaxing in the back yard under the stars, this inflatable projection screen should be on your shopping list.

With the nicer weather fast approaching, it’s time to begin planning your outdoor patio parties and other backyard activities. Whether you’ve got kids who need to be entertained or a pack of adults who like to lounge under the night sky while watching a movie, you’re going to need something to watch. But, nobody wants to haul their TV outside no matter how “thin and light” the manufacturer claims.

Instead, grab this inflatable projection screen and have a gigantic screen in addition to the convenience! The screen inflates to give you a whopping 144″ screen area which is large enough for the nosy neighbors to see. The screen includes an air pump which inflates it in minutes, as well as a set of powered speakers so you can hear the action happening on the screen. There’s even a repair kit should you manage to puncture the durable PVC material the inflatable movie screen is made from.

The Inflatable Backyard Screen is a hefty $1000, which will buy a lot of drive-in tickets, but you can’t beat the convenience of watching the latest blockbuster DVD while grilling under the stars.


  1. awesome, i’ve always wanted to get one of these, i think it would be fun to have a family “drive-in” night.