The Stampler is a staplin’ and stampin’ all at once

The Stampler staples and stamps at once
Kill two boring office tasks in one slam of your fist with the Stampler — the combination stapler and rubber stamp!

Ahh, sometimes those crazy Brits are so far ahead of us…

While we’re waiting for the paperless office (which is what? 20 years and still waiting…) you still need to do things with printouts and other pages. You know… like staple them. And sometimes get that rubber stamp out and mark them up in some way.

Well, this invention known as the Stampler combines both operations into a single office tool, that’s totally one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas! With one push of the lever, it applies a staple, which cleverly becomes the mouth of the “smiley face” stamp which is simultaneously applied.

And to think how much time you’ve wasted using separate stamps and staplers… tsk tsk…

Grab the Stampler for £12 if you’re lucky enough to live in the UK. If only it came in a red version, just imagine how Milton would cherish it!