Nap at work with this high-tech pod

Power-nap at work with the EnergyPod system
You could be sanctioned to sleep on the job with one of these high-tech pods that lets you powernap during the day.

Who hasn’t been sitting in a boring job, after a heavy lunch, and almost fallen asleep at the desk? Probably the only thing that kept you awake was the fear of your boss seeing you sleeping. So, you sat there, dreary eyed and head nodding — awake but not productive.

Well, research is showing that letting you take a quick power-nap would actually improve your productivity and let you feel more refreshed and energized while at work. With that in mind, you could have your boss buy a MetroNap Energy Pod for the office. The EnergyPod gives the powernapper a private place to snooze with a sliding privacy door and a Bose sound system to help block-out the annoying sounds of the office. Plus, it looks like some kind of pod from a spaceship, so it will do wonders when job seekers are looking for a “hip” place to work.

MetroNaps provides a “complete system” of seminars and other goodies you’ll need for “professional napping” (no, I didn’t make that up). The MetroNaps EnergyPod system is available for purchase or lease, but if you’re in NY City, you can go by their shop and sleep as well. Prices are quoted only.


  1. My powernap may be like 5 hours long. Hopefully I don’t talk in my sleep either. Steve, is that you who tied my shoes together while taking a powernap?

  2. I just don’t think my boss is going for this one but I will give it a try. Al, Someone had to do it.

  3. Having your shoes tied together is better than what I’d expect people to do to you while sleeping at that company, Al!