Monitor your money wirelessly

Wireless display shows stock index information
If you like to watch the US stock markets, this new gizmo will excite you: it’s a portable, wireless data display for market data.

I’m not sure why there aren’t more of these kinds of products out there by now, but as someone who likes to watch the stock markets, I’ve often wished for a wireless display that I could put anywhere in my home to get quick updates.

Enter the Market Maven. It’s a small, battery powered wireless LCD display that shows the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 indexes. It even has a little graph so you can see the recent relative moves. I’m not sure how it’s done as they claim it needs no configuration (so it must not use your home wireless LAN), and no subscriptions are required. The data is 20 minute delayed, like most free data. Sadly, the site is very low on information but hopefully that will be improved at some point.

One suggestion I’d make to improve the product is to add a list of individual stocks so you can enter a few that you own and see updates for those in addition to just the broad market data. Depending on how the data feed is implemented, this may not be possible though.

Get the Market Maven for $125 and stay on top of your money anywhere in the house!

[Thanks Uncrate]