The ultimate DIY hobbit home

The home-built hobbit-hole style home
This is more of a DIY project than a gizmo, but it’s so cool, I had to write about it. This English guy used nature-friendly techniques to build an awesome home that looks like something Bilbo Baggins would be more than comfortable in.

This Wales resident used about 1500 hours and a relatively paltry £3,000 to build one of the coolest homes I’ve seen. It looks like something straight out of a Lord of the Rings movie yet is built using entirely eco-friendly techniques. With the help of friends and neighbors, he created the home from tree branches, hay bales, and other materials.

Sadly, in the USA, you’d never get away with building something like this unless you lived in the midle or nowhere because the various permits and government inspections would never give the work a passing grade. However, I cannot look at this home-built hobbit-hole style home without dreaming how cool it would be to live-in.