Solar gizmo helps sell your home faster

A solar powered real estate sign gizmo
Simple sign addition aids realtors, advertisers, and sellers.

This is one of those gizmos that makes you scratch your head and wonder why you don’t see it more often.

The Lighten Up Solar Light installs on the top of the everyday real-estate agent sign that we’re all familiar with. Once there, it charges via solar energy and after dusk, illuminates the agent’s sign below it in addition to a couple of sponsor ads installed in the light itself.

The light will run for up to 3 hours at night, which doesn’t sound very long, but when you think about it, how many people are out shopping for homes after 9:00pm?

The lights are leased with the realtor paying a monthly fee and the two sponsors kicking-in a monthly fee as well. You can see the signs in action here and visit the Lighten Up Solar Light site here.