Pad your butt with beer

SitNSip beer holder/cushion
Physical and caloric cushioning in one product!

Why haul around a stadium seat pad and pay for over-priced beer when you’re at an event? With the SitNSip, you can take-care of both problems.

The SitNSip is a plastic bladder that can be filled with beer (or, I suppose, other drinks if you’re so inclined) and features a dispenser hose and spout. Thus, you can sit on the wonderful device, which protects your rear from the always-freezing-cold aluminum seating and your weight provides the ooomph to dispense the beer.

What happens when you drink all of the beer and have no “padding” left in the SitNSip? You probably won’t care at that point. You can own a SitNSip for only $25.