Never lose your keys on your desk again!

Hand-held portable metal detector
If you’re one of those people who’s constantly losing their keys underneath the mess of papers, magazines, and other stuff on your desk, this is the gizmo for you: a tiny, hand-held metal detector!

With a few simple swipes across your desk, you can locate your keys, or any other metallic objects, which may be hidden underneath all the paper and junk. I suppose you could use it to ensure your co-workers aren’t carrying any knives or other things, but finding buried treasure on your desk is more fun!

The sensitivity of the metal detector circuit is adjustable and allows you to locate items as small as a pin. It runs off of batteries so you can take it anywhere you might need to find metallic objects but don’t want to be seen waving a full-sized detector around.

The hand-held metal detector is on clearance for only $15.