Magnetic Message Center

The magnetic message center electronically records messages
Now you can keep your family organized as they cluster around the refridgerator using this electronic message system.

Working somewhat like a multi-box voicemail system, this magnetic gizmo sticks to your fridge and lets you leave separate messages for the various members of your family. Each member gets their own button, which are clearly labeled with words like Mom, Dad, Son, and Daughter. it looks like you might be able to change the text just in case you don’t have the standard distribution of sexes in your family.

Anyway, you just press and hold the appropriate person’s button to record a message and then they just tap the button to hear it. It’s perfect for assigning after-school chores or letting others know where you’ve gone.

The Message Magnet Set includes two message gizmos, batteries and other accessories for only $19.


  1. That’s kinda neat. Too bad there isn’t an add on magnetic ‘splaining stick to use when your kid listens to the “pick up dog poo” message and chose to ignore it.