LED illuminated bookmark

The Marklight illuminating a book
Now you can have your booklight with you everwhere you go.

A new booklight has been invented which is thin and flexible, allowing you to use it as a bookmark. Featuring three white LEDs, the light gives you the option to use all three or just one LED to save power. They claim up to 40 hours of light on a pair of “common” (disc style) batteries, which I’d guess is measured using the single-LED setting. The 9 inch long flexible, moldable body is encased in stitched leather and can be bent and flattened repeatedly.

For only $20, if the Marklight does a good job of illuminating the pages, it’s not a bad deal. I paid at least that much for my incandescent booklight several years ago and it doesn’t act as a bookmark and must be carried separately.