Gettin’ beat-up in the rain…

An umbrella shaped like a Star Wars lightsaber
OK, so it’s somewhat insulting for me to change “singing in the rain” to that title, but it’s probably what will happen if you use this gizmo!

So, you’ve got one of the new R2D2 post-office boxes out front of your house. Your spare bedroom looks like a Star Wars convention sales floor full of collectibles, beeping toys, and other nerdy tributes to the empire that Lucas built. But something has been bothering you… you use a normal umbrella when it rains. How lame…

Well, not any more! Now, thanks to the money-grubbing licensing deals between big companies who want every dollar from your wallet, you can now buy a real Darth Vader Limited Edition Lightsaber umbrella. Yes, you read that correctly. A lightsaber umbrella.

For only $100, the Darth Vader Limited Edition Lightsaber Umbrella will protect you from that nasty thing called nature and its awful rain while you run from LAN party to LAN party. Of course, that’s assuming that you can violate the #1 rule of Star Wars collecting: never remove the item from the box. Maybe you should buy two — one to collect and one to use!

[Thanks to Sci-Fi blog]