Get your own personal planetarium

Laser and holographic personal planetarium
Planetariums are cool. Lasers are cool too. What happens when you combine the two?

You get a portable, personal planetarium that can project pinpoint stars as well as gaseous clouds and other interstellar structures that we’ll probably never see in our lifetimes.

If you’ve ever watched Star Trek or looked at a painter’s rendition of what outer space looks like, you’ve probably wondered what it’d be like to visit. Well, with the current trend of politics having an exceptionally short-term view of the world, those wonderful nebulae and galaxies are something I doubt any of us will ever see for real. However, that won’t stop you if you have the Laser Stars projector.

The Laser Stars projector combines a new-fangled green laser with holographic projection techniques to fill any space with pinpoint stars and flowing, fluid cloud formations. The personal planetarium projector will fill small bedrooms up to large warehouses with beautiful, animated star patterns according to the manufacturer. The projector runs off of an AC adapter and includes everything you need – just plug it in and reach for the glass trans-dimensional travel device and lighter ;).

The Laser Stars projector will suck $200 out of your wallet, but if you want to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations, this is probably the closest you’ll ever come.


  1. I’ve done some searching for this and cannot find any real pictures of what it can do. It sure would be interesting to see the quality or at least something. I guess they don’t want to sell many of these.