Find-out who dropped the bomb in the elevator

QRAE II handheld toxic gas locator
When you have this high-tech gizmo, you’ll always be able to figure-out who floated the air-biscuit in your meeting or who dropped the not-so-floral bouquet in the elevator.

We’ve all done it. You’re sitting in a meeting and you just have to beef one off. So, you lean over in your chair, hoping not to attract attention, and let it fly. Then, you try to look around as though someone else is responsible for the noxious egg blast that’s assaulting everyone’s noses.

Of course, we’ve all been the recipient of such an event.

However, with the QRAE II you can pinpoint the source of those “toxic gases” and call-out the sneaky perpetrator. The device is actually designed to locate toxic gases in factory environment or even in a military situation, but you know it’s something that would be handy to have everyday at work 😉

The QRAE II’s $645 pricetag might throw you off the quest to expose the office farters, though. Just see if you can get on the “safety team” at work and have the company buy it for you!