Expensive “vaporizing pipe” helps lazy, rich smokers

The Volcano electric vaporizer for smokers
Ahh, what is a “smoker” to do when they are too lazy or otherwise too incapacitated to pull a few tubes of their favorite dried material? Well, if you’re rich, you buy this vaporizer.

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For the connoisseur of smokable material, this electric vaporizer promised additional health benefits, flavor enhancement, and other qualities that make it worth the steep pricetag. The material is vaporized with high heat without allowing it to burn, which releases the precious contents without as much carcinogenic by-product. It also enhances efficiency and allows a smaller amount of the smokable material.

The only issue? The $540 pricetag. Judging by the average “smoker” I’m aware of, that amount of money is probably critical to paying the rent or buying groceries. However, for the well-off smoker, or perhaps someone in Amsterdam, may be interested in the benefits of the Volcano Vaporizer.


  1. I love this thing. I got it from http://www.thevolcanovaporizer.com for 15% off with a coupon i found….the VOLCANO rocks.

  2. The volcano is definitely a great vaporizer. I’ve always gone with my classic, I don’t really see the point in getting the Digital its just more expensive. I guess its a little cooler looking but thats about it.

  3. I’m agree with you matthew. Volcanic vaporizer was great and its the best vaporizer for me. They have a very unique designs and features to name with those are portable, flexible and friendly user. Its expensive but the price worth it.