Electronic credit card vault

The iCache credit card manager
Is your wallet packed with loads of plastic cards? Credit cards, debit cards, department store cards, grocery story discount cards, movie rental cards, and too many more to list? If so, this credit card vault might be a solution for you.

While I’m not sure that the iCache device is any thinner than a stack of plastic cards, it is an interesting idea and might even increase your security. You first input all of your cards into the iCache. Then, after checking a finger print, the device will let you reproduce whichever number you want on-the-spot. The iCache will generate barcodes for scanning or even program a reusable magnetic swipe card that will work just like a normal card.

The security aspect is interesting as a thief would have to hack the device to retrieve your card information (which is harder than simply using the card) but there are some other hurdles that may be problematic. For example, I doubt that many stores will very accepting of watching you use some weird electronic device to create a credit card to make a purchase — they’ll assume you’re up to no good and probably call the cops. At the least, they’ll deny your purchase.

So, while the iCache electronic credit card vault is an interesting idea, I won’t be rushing to grab one quite yet.


  1. I hope it has a Faraday cage built in so thieves can not steal RFID codes from newer cards.