Drive pests away with high frequency sounds

Mosquito teen repellant device
I’m not talking about your run of the mill insect pests, but rather high school punks and delinquents.

Most people are familiar with those devices that emit high frequencies to drive away household pests such as roaches and even mice. The sounds these devices emit are too high for humans to hear but are incredibly annoying to the pests.

Well, it appears that high frequency sounds can also be used to drive away a larger, more pervasive and destructive kind of pest: the high school kid. Young kids have better abilities to hear very high frequencies than adults. This fact has been used to create cell phone ringtones that only the kids can hear, but their teachers cannot. Well, that idea is a two way street.

The Mosquito is a device targeted at shop owners and other property owners who have problems with congregating teenage kids. The shops can install the Mosquito which emits the high frequencies that the teens can hear but adult (i.e. paying) patrons cannot. Thus, the teens are encouraged to leave the area just like the mice in your household pest device.

The Mosquito is about $755 which isn’t cheap, but you can find some datasheets and other information at the manufacturer’s site which might convince you that it’s worthwhile.