Charge your electronic devices easily

Simple shelf holds your cellphone or iPod while it charges
With these clever holders, you don’t have to lay your cellphone on the floor or stretch a long ungainly cord to charge the batteries.

Thanks to some not-so-great choices, almost every electronic device in our lives today has its own unique charger. Even with my limited number of portable electronic goodies, I have a good sized pile of wall-warts and charging cables which are only used periodically. As such, I hate unbundling the cords because it creates quite a tangled mess.

However, most homes have the electrical outlets placed a couple feet up from the floor. So, when you want to plug your cellphone in to charge the batteries, you must either lay the phone on the floor by the outlet or unbundle the eight foot charging cable and run the wire to a table.

Enter these ultra-simple little charging holders. You simply plug your device’s charger into the household outlet through the holder and suddenly you have a small shelf to rest your phone, iPod, or whatever on while it’s charging! No more resting the phone on the floor or fighting with a rats-nest of tangled cords. Not bad for a piece of bent plastic!

Get the Driinn mobile charging shelf for $10 in any of three available colors.

[Thanks popgadget]