Assess the size of your pimp wad in mere seconds

Digital Cash Counter
If you bought the RC speedboat posted a while back, and now you’re looking to take your Miami Vice revival to the next level, you might like this Digital Cash Counter.

If you’re lucky enough to have massive wads of cash which are simply too much work to count manually, the $283 pricetag on this gizmo shouldn’t drive you away. The cash counter, which is just like you see the casinos and possibly your local dealer using, blasts through your pimp wad at the rate of up to 1,200 bills per minute. It will count up to 125 bills at a time into a neat stack that you can wrap for easy storing.

The counter uses UV and magnetic sensing technology to help you spot counterfeits while a digital LED readout informs you of the count. The Digital Cash Counter is quite the value at $283.