Your very own string laser show

Handheld personal laser show
This handheld “laser show” uses a piece of string and a motor to create some really cool optical illusions and effects.

Allright – I know – it’s not really a laser show without lasers, but still, check it out.

The Stringin’ It handheld “laser show” twirls and vibrates a thick piece of colored string which creates some neat wave effects. The string is illuminated by some colored and UV LEDs which causes it to appear to glow, perhaps somewhat like a laser.

There are two modes on the device, one which does a demo and rotates between different effects and a full manual mode where you can live-out your dreams of becoming a stage lighting technician, or perhaps just kick-back and “get mellow” with your hippie buddies.

The Stringin’ It will run you $30 plus some AA batteries.
Stringin’ It in motionStringin’ It in motionStringin’ It in motion