Use the sun to illuminate your deck at night

Solar powered rechargeable deck light
With summer approaching, it’s time to get ready to hang-out on the deck and relax. You don’t want to be stumbling around in the dark, though, so get some solar powered deck lights!

There’s no doubt that having a nice deck in your back yard is great, whether it’s made of wood, stone, or even plain old concrete. There’s a way to make it better and that’s to install some nice dim lighting to give it that perfect look and also help you navigate without bumping into the railings. The only problem is that you usually have to run all sorts of wires and climb under and over the deck to install low-voltage lighting. What a pain!

How about simply walking up to a spot and attaching a wireless solar-powered light instead? These rechargeable solar-powered deck lights are easy to install and charge automatically thanks to that joyous fusion furnace in the sky. The lights are made with white LEDs so they will give long, carefree service and are low power so they’ll last longer into the darkness.

Get yourself a bunch of solar powered LED deck lights for only $14 each and get that deck ready to impress your friends and neighbors!


  1. Solar energy is available in abundance. Only recently we are concentrating on it in a big way. Lets tap into this form of energy in whatever way we can.

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  2. These are great, as long as you can mount them in an area where they get enough sunlight. You should expect to replace the batteries every 1-2 years.

  3. Nice solar powered lamp. Maybe I will buy one actually

  4. Having lights on your property, especially entertainment areas, adds to your property value. Also if you have your home on the market and are not getting any responses, there is a benefit to adding solar powered lighting to reduce your home’s energy consumption. First, you personally will save money if you can reduce energy bills. Second, you can show prospective buyers your actual energy bills after adding solar lights.

    Most people perceive that solar lighting to be expensive, and therefore, a home with solar is up-to-date and valuable into the future.