Solar powered LED driveway lights

Solar powered LED driveway lights save energy by harnessing the power of the sun
Make sure that you never drive off the edge of your driveway ever again with these environmentally friendly, energy saving solar powered lights.

Here’s a really great idea. These simple but elegant lights are placed along the edges of your driveway. During the day, the built-in solar cell charges the batteries and at night, the lights automatically light-up. Each light uses LEDs for maximum durability and the lowest power consumption, which gives the lights up to 18 hours of run time per charge!

These solar powered driveway lights are made of durable, rust-proof aluminum. Each light is entirely self-contained, so there’s no hassle with running low voltage wire or worse yet, hiring an electrician. You can mount the lights vertically for lighting handrail posts or something like that. Just be sure to keep the solar cell in the sun during the day so the batteries can charge.

Grab a few sets of these solar powered LED driveway lights for your house. Each set is a pair of lights and is $50. Just don’t use too many of them so that you have small aircraft thinking your driveway is a landing strip!
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  1. This thing looks great, but 18 hours for a couple of these w/ LED’s? Heck, my Halogen protection light from Home Depot can last 18 hours and it eats more then LEDs do. AND my Halogen is solar powered…….

    LED and Solar should give you WAY more then this. But it looks very nice and I would love to have something like thing along my pathway.


  2. I think people tend to think that converting to solar power means changing out their whole house. But, you can easily save money by converting some of your electrical items to solar or wind generated power.

    You can make your own solar or wind power to replace something like outside lighting of all kinds or electrical needs for an outbuilding such as a garage or workshop.

    Start small and grow into more and more free electricity generated from the sun and wind.

  3. These are a great idea. I have friend whose drive bends around their house and so when they come home in the dark they are having to be careful that they don’t hit their house!

    Like you light heartedly mentioned in the article, you do need to be careful how they look! Placing these incorrectly could be detrimental to the way the drive looks at night but, done right, they could look stunning!

  4. Great idea – I’m forever scratching up my alloys at night on the rocks at the edge of the drive.

  5. These are absolutely fabulous. You don’t need many, just enough to ‘guide’ you in the dark. Environmentally friendly too!

  6. One of the most wasted energy resources is traditional lighting. This is an important idea for all to deeply understand.

    Safety lights at home are a necessity and using solar to have them on as much as you require is a perfect match to going “GREEN”. If you require nightlights, these LED lights are a great way to go for new installations. They use a minimum of electricity and turn on automatically at sunset.

    Another approach may be to make a homemade solar panel and battery system to electrify existing outdoor lighting.

    Consider using renewable energy resources and building a homemade solar generator.

  7. I have the solar mesquito killer.its been a humid summer and the mesquitos have beebn out in full force but it has been doing its job