Read by the light of an alien abduction

Desk lamp shows a UFO abduction happening
Here’s a unique lamp that will have you thinking “Mars Attacks!” as you relax.

This lamp is sadly only a concept, but I think it’s cool enough to warrant a post. The lamp is shaped like a UFO that’s hovering over the ground emitting a light beam as though it’s trying to pick something up. The internal light bulb creates the “beam” effect and also lights-up a cabin which a tiny alien is peering out of.

It appears you might be able to choose between a couple choices of “abductees” such as a cow or a person. Fortunately, there’s no anal probe option, so don’t get all freaked-out! Check-out the UFO lamp designer’s site for some more photos or to prod (no, not probe) them into making these available for sale.



  1. That is very cool. I need one of these..