Light projects the Aurora Borealis in your room

Portable psychedelic light show
If you like to get a bit mellow and enjoy things like lava lamps and other psychedelic light shows, this pill-shaped gadget will be on your shopping list.

Imported straight from Japan, the Banpresto Aurora Palette is a small light that projects color-shifting, moving light patterns onto the walls of any room you want. It runs on 4AA batteries for up to 20 hours, which is pretty impressive and leads me to believe that it’s filled with LEDs rather than normal bulbs. There is a timer function which will shut the light-show off after a pre-determined time just in case you forget or are unable to 😉

Get the Banpresto Aurora Palette portable light-show for $55 and get mellow.



  1. It looks a little expensive for what it does. Plus, I’m skeptical because it’s so small and you can’t plug it in… I’m always wondering about new little gizmos like this one.