Lava-lamp night-light keeps hippies happy in the dark

Night-light with built-in lava lamp
Ahh, who am I kidding? Most everyone likes to watch lava lamps – not just hippies and stoners. The problem with traditional lava lamps in a “normal” home is that you can’t really find a place that it will fit-in (and the wife will approve). This night-light solves that dilemma.

In places where you need a bit more light to help you navigate without stubbing your toes, this lava lamp night-light is the perfect solution. You get to provide a bit of low-power path lighting in addition to fulfilling your desires to own a lava lamp. Of course, to enjoy the lava feature, you’ll have to sit on the hallway floor, which may draw a few odd looks from the family, but they’ll probably join you eventually.

The lava lamp night-light is $10 from ThinkGeek and comes in your choice of blue water with red or yellow lava.