Hippies and Mario addicts unite!

Battery powered LED light is shaped like a Mario mushroom
Mushroom shaped lights will make both Mario maniacs and hippie herbheads jump for joy!

These mushroom shaped lamps look like something straight out of a Super Mario game — or perhaps an Alice in Wonderland trip, depending on your background.

Battery powered LED light is shaped like a Mario mushroom
Each light is powered by 4 AA batteries which power an efficient white LED. You just tap the mushroom cap to turn the light on and off. Choose from three colors to get your shroom journey going: red, blue, or green.

Grab your own set of mushroom shaped LED lamps for $12 each.

[Thanks Popgadget]


  1. Badger Badger Badger Badger, MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!
    Badger Badger……

  2. Sweet! Gotta get my hands on some of these. My g/f wont be best pleased, though!

  3. i am addicted with mario games…

  4. Haha. Those would look great in my new apartment. My roommate would find them hysterical as well.

  5. These are classic must have’s for any mario bors junky like myself. Very nice!

  6. These look great although I would be ttemped to jump on them to earn a power up!


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