Handy LED lights activate with magnets

LED lights activate with magnets
These micro-sized white LED lights are activated with a magnet. Why’s that useful you ask? Read on…

These tiny lights run from batteries and use white LEDs to provide light in any small space. That’s neat, but it’s the magnetic actuation that really makes them unique. Basically, when a magnet is close to the light, it shuts-off and when the magnet is removed, the light turns on.

So, you could put one of these lights in a drawer and mount the magnets to the frame so that when the drawer is opened, the light is automatically activated and then shut-off when the drawer is closed. Basically, anything that needs a bit of light like cabinets, CD cases, DVD storage boxes, or whatever could use these lights if you spend a minute thinking how to mount the magnets so that the light will come-on when needed.

Pretty neat, huh? Oh, and the magnet-activated LED lights are only $7 for a 2-pack so feel free to sprinkle them around wherever they’re needed!