Personal planetarium

Celestron SkyScout
This super-cool hand-held gizmo lets you navigate the night sky with ease as you locate constellations and other points of interest.

Using a combination of GPS and 3-axis sensors, the Celestron SkyScout allows you to locate and view up to 6,000 constellations, nebulae, galaxies, and other celestial objects from its internal database. You simply point the SkyScout at the night sky and it will identify whatever is in its view or you can manually select an object you want to view and the on-board screen will direct you to where you need to look. There’s a feature to show you the 20 best objects to view on any particular night, as well as an audio output to help teach you lessons and information about astronomy.

You can update the SkyScout’s database with your computer via a USB port, so your night-time sky-searching will never be out of date. You can get the Celestron SkyScout for $400, which is pretty decent if you compare it to taking a class or hiring an astronomy tutor. I’ll take one!


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