Learn about electronics and microcontrollers

Learn it yourself microcontroller experimenter's kit
So many of our electronic gizmos are designed using microprocessors and microcontrollers these days that we take the tiny things for granted. To the non electronic enthusiast/engineer, these little black “computer chips” can appear mysterious and bewildering, but this learning kits wants to change that.

Contained in a nice plastic case, this Thames & Kosmos kit packs a microcontroller, LEDs, digital displays, switches and sensors into a neat, easy-to-use package. Using the 100 page manual, anybody ages 12 and up can learn about building a circuit using microcontrollers and then program it to do their bidding. It’s just the tip of a life-long learning trip that will be useful for building projects such as robots and home automation goodies.

The Thames & Kosmos Computer Systems Engineering Kit is $149 and includes most everything that you’ll need other than a computer (for programming) and a 9 volt power supply.