The Mowbot robotic lawn mower

The Mowbot Deluxe robotic lawn mower
What person with a yard doesn’t dream of having a robot do the mowing? Dream no more…

Finally! Robots are becoming useful around the house.

The Mowbot is a self-sufficient lawn mowing robot that will keep your growing grass under control all by itself. It uses a buried perimeter cable to sense the extents of the area you desire to keep clipped. The onboard computer directs the mower to reverse direction when the perimeter is encountered and when the yard is finished (or the batteries about to run-out), it will follow the perimeter locate the battery charger and automatically dock and recharge.

The electronics are sealed in waterproof enclosure allowing the Mowbot to run in the rain. It features several safety systems will will shut the mower down if the unit is tipped-over or if power is lost to the perimeter (not sure how that works though). The robot will run for 2-3 hours per charge and will recharge in 2-3 hours.

With the automatic docking at the recharger, the Mowbot is basically a “set and forget” type solution. That’s exactly what everyone I know with a yard would love. The only problem? Well, there are potentially two. First, if you don’t live in the UK, where the Mowbot is made, you might not be able to order one without a massive shipping bill. Second, the price is about 1800 UK pounds, which here in the USA, will buy you a lawn service for several years. However, you must admit that this would be one of the coolest gizmos to have around the house!


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