Spring flower planting made easier with Mom-friendly USB tool

Black & Decker PlantSmart digital plant sensor
This interesting USB gadget brings modern datalogging technology to your flower gardens and helps you have the yard that’s the envy of everyone in the neighborhood!

It wasn’t long ago that dataloggers were only for use by scientists or other hardcore techies.

However, Black & Decker have created this multi-function goodie that helps Mom (or you) care for your flowers and other plants around the home, and also plan for what plants to put where in the yard.

Simply stick the PlantSmart digital sensor into the flowerbed or other area you’re trying to select an appropriate plant, and it will monitor the amount of sunlight received, the moisture in the soil, and other parameters. Then, connect the device to your computer’s USB port and it will recommend plants which will thrive in those conditions. No more looking at the tag on a plant and wondering if the side of your house is “medium sun” or not!

Once the plants are in the ground, use the PlantSmart to keep an eye on your watering, temperature, and other things that plants find pretty important. For an extra $25 per year, you can even get the ability to measure fertilizer levels so you can grow the lushest, largest, most perfect flowers on the block — and nobody will know your secret!

Grab the Black & Decker PCS10 PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor for only $44 or so, and get planting… Spring is here and you need to be getting ready to win that “yard of the year” award!