Self watering plants

Simple idea collects rain water to help keep your plants alive
If you like growing potted plants but just can’t seem to remember to water them, then this amazingly simple rain collector will be very helpful!

Some ideas are just so simple… For the person who loves to grow plants but needs (or wants) a bit of help from nature with watering, the ReLeaf rain collection system is the answer. The system is made in Switzerland and uses some folded, lacquered aluminum panels, shaped somewhat like leaves, to catch rain and funnel the water down to the base of your plants. Simply insert the ReLeaf leaves into the soil and place your plants where they can get some rain, or at least a little spray from the lawn sprinklers.

The ReLeaf rain collectors are just a concept at this point, but the idea is so simple and easy to manufacture, I’m sure you’ll see them for sale soon.

[Thanks Make]