Motion activated lawn sentry

Motion activated lawn sprinkler
Protect your beautiful green lawn from pooping pests by spraying them with water – even when you’re not around!

There’s nothing worse than spending hours of your valuable weekend working on your yard, turning it into something the local golf course would be envious of, and then finding a big pile of crap the next time you’re mowing.

The problem is that you’re not around all day to shoo the cats and dogs (or gigantic Godzillas) away because you have to slave at job to pay for the nice yard. What are you to do?

You get a motion activated lawn sentry, that’s what!

This electronic trooper stands guard waiting to spray any poopers that come within its range. It will detect movement up to 105 feet away and the battery, which you add, lasts up to 6 months. What a fantastic idea! Get your very own Motion Activated Lawn Sentry for only $62!