Jawas are attacking your flowers!

Star Wars Jawas are invading your flower garden!
For the consumate Star Wars nerd… uh… enthusiast who needs to extend the sci-fi geekness into the outdoor areas of the house, this little guy is bound to be top choice and probably totally unique in your neighborhood…

There are several classes of lawn ornaments…

The super-lame ones, like the fat old lady bending over (yuck!)

The slightly less lame ones, like the stupid gnome that somehow travels across your television as well.

And then there’s this Jawa lawn ornament. As far as lawn ornaments go, it’s the cream of the crop. The uber-ornament.

The Jawa lawn ornament is crafted with love out of durable all-weather resin and comes fully painted. It towers above lesser garden gnomes at nearly a foot tall.

Just make sure you keep it in the back yard, or you don’t need The Force to repel these awesome lawn ornaments — they’ll probably get ripped-off by neighborhood kids instead!

Grab the Jawa Lawn Ornament for $35 or so — sand crawler is NOT included!