Handy handrail hanging planters

Flower planter is perfect for hanging on handrails
These interesting flower pots don’t balance precariously on your patio handrail — they use it for stability!

If you have a patio, porch or other area with a handrail, you might have considered placing some planter boxes on the railing to grow flowers in. However, there are a few issues with that, such as worrying about the pots blowing or getting knocked off, or if you have a thin or round handrail, it’s not even possible to sit a standard planter on those!

Enter these Greenbo railing planters. The patent-pending design actually welcomes thin or round handrails, as the pots smartly straddle on either side of the rail. Of course, the pots are made with a UV stabilized plastic and feature drainage holes and all of the other accoutrements you’d find on regular flower pots.

Get the Greenbo railing planters for about $38 each. Not cheap, but possibly the best choice for some patios.