Cool scoop keeps you warm and drinks cool

Scoop your drinks from the icy water in the cooler
You no longer have to submerge your arm in the icy slush to retrieve that beer or other drink from the cooler.

Whew! It’s the middle of summer and the Igloo coolers are out in force and filled with tasty, ice-cold drinks. Those drinks stay cold because they’re submerged in several bags of ice, which is good, except when you have to reach-in and grab your can. You try to quickly plunge your arm into the frigid water and hope that your aim is true so you can get the can on the first try.

Well, you’ll never have to freeze your arm if you have the Cooler Scoop. It’s a self-draining plastic scoop that you can dunk into the water and scoop your choice of drink out. Your arm stays warm and the cans stay clean since you won’t have kids and less hygienic adults contaminating the water with their sweaty, dirty hands.

The Cooler Scoop is $15 and even has a bottle opener built-in!