Collapsing wheelbarrow saves space

This wheelbarrow folds for easy storage when you don’t need it.
Most people only need a wheelbarrow once in a while, but if you buy one, it’s taking-up space in your garage full-time. What a waste…

Instead, consider grabbing something similar to this folding/collapsible wheelbarrow.

It’s made of some type of canvas (I’m guessing a nylon type) which will fold-down when not being used, but you simply hold the two handles to open the container. It will carry up to 150 pounds of back-breaking lawn stuff or whatever else you decide you need to haul around. However, the wheelbarrow itself weighs only 15 pounds, so you’re not having to haul a bunch of extra weight in addition to your yardwork.

Get the WheelEasy Collapsible Wheelbarrow for $60 with free shipping, which is as-much or less than you’d pay for a huge, space-eating metal version.


  1. The real advantage of this is that it will open up and lie flat on the ground for easy loading. 3 cubic feet is not much capacity though.

  2. True, it’s probably only good for very light home yardwork. You definitely wouldn’t want to distribute tons of landscape rock with it! 😉

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