Stylish biometric locks for your home

Kwikset SmartScan biometric deadbolt
If you wanted to have a fingerprint activated lock on your home until now, you had to have a large, usually ugly lock system much like you’d find on a factory door. Now, thanks to Kwikset, you can have a lock that looks nice but still offers you the techie goodness that you desire.

Using the Kwikset keyless entry system on your home doors means that you are no longer forced to carry primitive keys around. The door lock, available in a deadbolt configuration, is unlocked with a quick swipe of your fingerprint.

The interesting thing, though, is that these locks finally bring a normal looking biometric device to the home instead of a huge, ugly industrial looking lock. To the uninitiated, the locks may even appear completely conventional with the fingerprint reader cleverly tucked behind a small tab.

Access is granted based upon three levels: 24/7 access, temporary access for contractors or other limited-time users, and time-based access for baby-sitters or house cleaners. The lock is very energy efficient and will give up to a year of access on a set of batteries.

No price has been mentioned yet for the Kwikset SmartScan Biometric Locks, but they do come with a lifetime warranty on the finish (what about the mechanism?)