Storage space under your staircase

Store your junk in the staircase not just under it
You’re probably thinking about the usual area under the staircase – like the one that Harry Potter lived in which is created by the angle of the staircase itself. Well, how about a completely new idea that will have you smacking your head for not thinking of it?

There’s usually lots of room for storage underneath a staircase, but what about the space within the staircase itself?

Most people will climb stairs an entire lifetime without noticing that the steps looks like drawers. Like a gigantic bank of drawers. Drawers perfect for storing junk.

Well, this idea has not been lost on some clever Australian inventors. They hacked a staircase so that some of the steps can be pulled-out to expose a standard drawer type storage area. Yeah, I didn’t think of it either.

I don’t know if you can “buy them” yet, as each installation will be fairly custom, but it appears to me that the staircase drawers would be a pretty simple do-it-yourself task or an afternoon project for a skilled carpenter/cabinet maker.



  1. Wow, I love this. The only wrinkle to it is I bet it would cost a fortune to have done, and since stairs vary so much, I doubt there is a way to mass produce. But this is simply an awesome idea.


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