Personal barcode scanner helps track household stuff

The IntelliScanner Mini handheld barcode scanner
If you’re one of those people who is an organizing nut, this handheld, keychain-sized barcode scanner will let you take your life to a new level. Finally, you can scan every item in your house and build databases and lists galore!

I must first admit that the IntelliScanner Mini holds a certain amount of appeal to me. I guess that I have some latent desire to scan things around my house, although I suspect it’s more of a nerdy interest than being overly organized. What is it about barcodes that’s so cool?

Anyway, for those who want to organize, the IntelliScanner will let you keep track of groceries, inventory DVDs and CDs, and catalog anything else with a barcode. The scanner is small enough to hang on a lanyard so that it’s always handy and will store handfuls of scanned codes for later uploading to your Windows or Mac machine.

It’s a neat idea that will certainly help with household inventories, hobby tracking, and other things, but I have to wonder if the $300 pricetag on the IntelliScanner Mini is a bit high for the average person.