Relax in tropical style no matter where you live

Hammock with artificial trees makes you feel like you're on vacation
Like a real trip to the tropics, this will nail your wallet, but it is more convenient.

The Tropical Island Hammock features two long-lasting, UV stabilized artificial trees which suspend a comfortable hammock. The trees are over 2 meters high and modeled after Tahitian palm trees, complete with coconuts and lush green fronds. As if that weren’t luxurious enough, the trees have integrated mist sprayers to keep you cool while you lounge on the hammock with its included pillow and drink holder.

Sounds great, so what’s the catch? Well, for the cost of this hammock, you could take a decent trip to Tahiti for real. The Tropical Island Hammock is $8,280 and takes 42 days to ship since it’s custom-made. Throw-in a sound generator that can make surf sounds and you’re set!